Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A gift from O2!

Following yesterday's blog I received a long email from O2 detailing what my next bill would look like.
It alarmed me a little...I thought I had let myself in for a huge amount going out every month.
I rang them again...the lady I spoke to was reassuring and helpful. I had misread the email and the amounts mentioned were not to be added up, they were alternatives depending on where I was at the time.
She also explained my options when travelling was a helpful few moments.
Later I was stunned to take delivery of a big heavy box....
It was a basket of fruit, a gift from O2!
That I was not expecting...
As well as the fruit there was a lovely card from the lady who had reassured me earlier.....
It now sits on my sideboard...and it really does have everything....a huge pineapple holds centre stage surrounded by every other fruit growing on the Earth!
A cheery card accompanied it....and I am simply amazed...all of my troubles over the last days were not actually O2s fault....they were my own fault mostly.
Eating all the fruit is now going to be tackled.....I shall drive around with various parcels over the next days...
Thank you kind lady who clearly recognised a time challenged old woman....your gift is much appreciated!

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