Monday, 17 July 2017

Brexit now?

I am getting irritated by the very mention of Brexit these days. This word coined to cover a difficult and complicated situation last year has become for me a symbol of the very worst of our politicians.
Tony Blair, Corbyn, Gove and John Major have all had a go at it.
Boris giving vent over the weekend said Europeans should go whistle for their money...
This does no one in the brexiteer camp any good.
We have voted in a democracy to leave the European Union. No one said it was going to be easy.
It has caused offence to our EU partners . That is becoming obvious...why should they make it easy for us?
Cornwall particularly receives grants from Europe which will be missing eventually. No one here has any idea how this will play out.
Looking back to last year I feel that none of this was thought through properly....the consequences were presented as a noble stance outlining our right to be Great Britain again. I think it likely that people wishing us to come out of Europe envisioned a noble stance rather than a shirking from our responsibilities .
Another vote looks possible. But first if I'm reading the runes properly there has to be a change of Prime Minister. Mrs May her mind set on Brexit details may be unaware that she no longer has the confidence of her party.
None of this is dull. The Trump story provides some welcome relief from our own leadership problems....
The whole Trump family setting up their Trump dynasty throughout the world brings a welcome counterpoint to our British dilemmas.
No one could be bored by all this...I'm certainly not.

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