Thursday, 27 July 2017


It's been an odd couple of car failed it's MOT and needed some work doing so no surprises there. The man supplied by the Merc garage who had driven over to take it in for me had left his car here and was unable to get back for it when my old car needed another day for more work.
So yesterday, having jumped through all the necessary hoops my car belatedly came home and the garage man reclaimed his .
"I can't imagine what my neighbours have made of your car being here all night but smile at them as you go out will you!"
He grinned and left whilst I paid my dues over the phone.
A gleaming clean car now sits on my drive but has to go back next week for another day...
This is to cure a fault which started a few months before David died so it's definitely time.
But during the next week I can get around the Roseland with no problems.
Once again next week someone will come and collect it for me....this is a great boon...especially as he will then bring it back. I hope it's done in a day.
My reputation would be finally doomed if another car sits on my drive over night...or even the same one!
I can't imagine the people living nearby would really think the worst....but you never know....maybe I should ask for a female driver...but that could be worse!
Living here I do need a car. One day I'll just get taxis to ferry me around....but not yet!

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