Friday, 7 July 2017


During this current warm weather an old problem has recurred....
Getting bitten!
Because of the skin cancer I had last year I no longer sit out soaking up the rays like I used to do. But I still have to go out in it so I use sun bloc...but that seems to attract the biting community!
Yesterday I wore a loose top which has a wide neck.
This morning I itch!
Several large itchy lumps decorate my neck area.
I am rubbing them automatically as I get myself into the shower.
This morning I have my gardener offering to spray everything in sight. But I am not convinced that this will do the trick or even if it did whether it is alright!
I know that I found one lot of chemicals in the shed which have been banned for years....he was saving them!
I got rid of them but suspect that if I go around spraying it would give him the green light!
So before I go out with his tea I must cover myself up! No itchy lumps will be on display!
Bless him!

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