Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Jumping through O2 hoops!

It was a difficult morning yesterday...
My new pink iPhone 7 had arrived the previous day. I had set it up with almost no problems once I'd inserted the SIM card. I'd jumped through all the hoops...setting it up for Apple Pay, using my finger tip to unlock it, speaking to Siri so that it would recognise my voice in the future.
I was pleased with my progress....all that was needed now was to get O2 to activate my SIM card.
I tackled that yesterday morning!
Talking to a disembodied person from O2 I had to prove my identity.
The usual questions cover stuff that was easy until I was asked for digits from my pass number!
I hadn't remembered that such a thing existed. So I got it wrong...
She then moved on to another security question....I got that wrong too. I hadn't had to do any of this last time I bought a new phone.
Eventually she asked where I lived.
Cornwall proved to be the wrong answer! I was locked out I was informed.
So I tried again, this time insisting on speaking to a real person...
Again I jumped through the hoops! All went well until we got to the "Where do you live?" question.
Cornwall was again the wrong answer! By this time I was getting cross as well as frustrated.....
I don't remember having to do any of this in the past...I definitely don't remember setting up passwords or numbers...
"Try again" the woman at the other end of the phone was getting almost as cross as I was.
Eventually the where do you live question was enhanced by a new question...whereabouts in Cornwall?
I got that one right so eventually after a couple of hours of frustration and anger they turned my SIM card on...
This iPhone 7 may be the very last one I ever buy!

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