Saturday, 22 July 2017

Make Trump great again!

The Trump story gets steadily more complicated. It is also riveting.
On my iPad I now have apps for the Washington Post, New York Times and Fox News. I could spend all day reading the conflicting statement from those involved in government and not be bored.
Resignations, appointments, statements from those people Trump has appointed to try to make America great again are all debated daily.
During the last several weeks impeachment has been discussed openly.
Resignations and sackings , failed attempts to kill off health care put in place by Obama have all been discussed openly as is his insistence on appointing his family to various important posts.
Trumps obsession with destroying his predecessors legend has turned ugly.
One article said he was trying to condemn thousands of people to lives of pain from sheer spite.
He seems unable to put himself into a mindset of caring for those whose lives are not rich and comfortable and for whom he is now responsible.
But it is his insistence on surrounding himself with old friends he can trust whilst sacking those who fail to do his bidding that makes him dangerous.
The most common solution suggested by many of the articles is that he will choose to resign when things get too tough...some commentators suggest this will come soon.
But before we start rejoicing we are told that Vice President Pence is very right wing also and some of his extreme views are in their own way just as scary.
This is a story that's not going away...Mr Trump says he will only come here if Mrs May can guarantee a good reception . I fear he is giving her credit for manipulating crowds which is unlikely to happen.
No one could be bored by all this...and whilst I'm reading all the articles I'm not watching Gove prancing around, enjoying his resurrection to high office.
The Russian story has yet to be properly explained.
No one could be bored by any of it ...but just occasionally a bit of boredom would go down quite well.

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  1. While the cynical side of my nature is enjoying the spectacle of "Trump as Messiah", the more balanced side is simply patiently waiting for the inevitable.
    He is currently claiming he has the right to forgive sins. Whatever that may mean.
    The last Head of state to imagine he was directly appointed by God was King Charles the 1st. and look what happened to him.

    1. Even more worrying he actually seems to have comsidered giving himself his pardon... this indicates a state of mind that does not bear thinking about!

  2. The issue is clear to anyone who isn't a Trump supporter. He is unfit for any public office and should be got rid off as soon as a case can be made for impeachment.

  3. Either impeachment or incarcerating in a "Home for the bewildered".
    If his paranoia becomes embarrassing he may yet be sectioned.