Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Memory fails!

I got up early this morning, unsure as to when to expect a man knocking on my door to collect my car for its service and MOT!
Going to get my first cup of coffee I discovered that I was out of milk! The latest on line grocery arrived yesterday minus any milk....my fault not theirs.
So naturally I then got a call telling me that my car would be collected in half an hour so no time to pop to the shops!
My memory now is atrocious!
It's the first time I've forgotten milk but lots of other things and events escape my attention until it's too late!
I've never been good with names...I have sticky labels with names on if I'm baptising or marrying someone, pasted into my prayer books.
Meeting people face to face brings a moment of slight panic but usually I can get away with...." Remind me of your children's names." Accompanied with a smile of course.
It's very tempting to ascribe all this to being ancient but the truth is I've always struggled with names.
Other small things though are getting more difficult to explain away...
It's when there are several of us ancient ones together that it becomes funny...to laugh together because we've forgotten where the meeting is being held is, or what we need to talk about is very reassuring.......it's not just me!
My car has now been picked up and another car left in its place...
Spending a day in the garden is the plan...but this has it problems too. I forget the names of some of the plants...and get so cross with myself that I have to come back in and look them up!
But being ancient is not really a problem because half the time I forget that I am!

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  1. Memory is like that. I find myself struggling to remember names of people moments after them telling me. Other times, even people I know well defeat me. When I first joined my parish, I was in a panic as I realised that I had about 150 people to remember. I am getting there, but mainly on the basis of Christian names, with surnames defeating me. Helpfully, we have a parish directory, updated every two years, so I can normally find a surname there, alternatively, I look at the Electoral Roll displayed on our notice board, which helps.

    New people seem easier somehow. As I am involved in welcome and I take the time to repeat names myself several times and make a note in my diary - belt and braces so to speak. The problem might arise when they become regulars....... the memory trick of forgetfulness will kick in.

    Those that I engage with regularly are not a problem, I talk to them often, and we do stuff together. Joining in with small groups is a help, but also listening to their feed back on a sermon of when I have taken the lead in aservice in some way.

    The fortunate thing is that everyone remembers my name, perhaps seeing me training for the last three years as regular progress updates were required, Many coming to my licensing service in May, and than seeing me robed for the first time the following day. I shall be robing again this Sunday as I will be preaching and deaconing for the first time. That's if I remember to write a sermon.......

  2. Keep some skimmed UHT in the cupboard - the fat free one doesn't have that noticeable "cooked" taste and works very well in emergencies.
    (Worked that one out in busier, single days with a long commute)
    All best as ever x