Tuesday, 18 July 2017

My garden grows.

When David and I moved here to this old farmhouse about ten years ago the garden was quite simply a field.
It had three trees, a horse chestnut, a yew tree and a palm tree.
We could have put two football fields in the rest of it.
The original Cornish hedge was full of briar, honey suckle and hundreds of wild flowers.
I didn't want flower beds...I decided to put in fruit trees. They were my first decision.
Our gardener John came once a week. He put in the trees we started with whilst keeping the "lawn" clipped.
Over the years I have added many trees and shrubs.
Some of these put in as four feet saplings are now well over my head.
Davids last present to me was a paved path around it. I use it several times a day.
Small trees, no more than a few feet high are now ten feet tall, some taller....John has seen nothing quite like this. One fuschia has grown up a fir hedge and it's red flowers decorate the top of it...it's about ten feet high!
All the hedges are now thick . The fruit trees are full of growing apples, pears, cherries and soft fruit is being eaten by the birds before I can get there.
Flowers abound, roses, hydrangeas, lots of flowering shrubs are out. Clumps of smaller flowers like poppies and lupins are out in all their glory.
Last year in Sicily our guide pointed at a colourful shrub saying, "This only grows here...you'd never get it in England"
Ahem. "I've got one in my garden " I said . She glared at me..
"What's it called then? "
"It's a bottle brush plant" I replied. The guide was speechless until another member of the group volunteered the information that I lived in Cornwall.
Ahhh..we do have a very occasional frost and it is I think classed as sub tropical but John and I have decided that it's not the mild weather which has made this new garden look as though it's been here for decades...
Before I got it it was cow pasture for years...
Clearly it is very good soil...the cows have left it very very fertile...thank you moos....long may it continue...

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