Monday, 24 July 2017

My old car.

My car is due its MOT in a couple of weeks. It is now about eight years old...and in very good nick because it doesn't go far.....I drive it around the Roseland , visiting various churches but mostly it sits on my drive, resting.
It is a diesel car, one of the reasons for buying it in the first place.
Every so often I think about buying a newer, smaller, more eco friendly car..and then I shake my head.....I can't do it....
It was Davids has his cherished number plate on it. When I drive it I talk to feels like being part of him....and I know that's soppy...but that's how it is....
It's in very good nick. It doesn't need replacing. My usual comment on it is that it will see me out!
It had a major breakdown a year ago whilst I was out of the country. The body shop were trying to get it home after removing some scratches when the alternator died on a very steep hill a few miles ago...
Since then I took out what amounts to insurance with the Mercedes garage about twenty miles away. So tomorrow they will arrive here to pick it up, take it back with them , do everything needed and then bring it back for me! In theory....we will see.
I don't mind having a car less day ....I often don't go out in it for days..
I am ready for the inevitable hard sell.....but I don't think they will convince me to part with it....but they are welcome to try...
It is stupid being soppy about a car....I do know that....but that's the way it is. I can live with it!

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  1. You can become attached to a car, particularly like yours, which has special memories attached to it.

    I was very attached to my first ever car, a 1967, left hand drive, Volkswagon Variant. It was driveable, could fit two young children's car seats in as well as luggage in the boot.It accompanied me on a tour of service in Belguim and back to the UK. In it's time, I had it's engine out several times, had it repaired after minor accident damage, replaced clutch and brake cables, once driving it 300 miles without the clutch working, using the engine revs to change gear.

    When it finally went, I was like a bereavement. But I knew that it was time - it was becoming expensive to maintain, the petrol was of a kind that was becoming harder to find, and I just needed something more suitable for a new tour in Germany, which I could rely on. So, taking advantage of duty free sales, I part exchanged it. and surprisingly, got a good deal,

    Cars become friends, and each one since has not had the same resonance as the first.

  2. My car is even older than yours 12 years old. My Ron chose it and like you I am loathed to change it unless forced. Our beloved Golf is a great car, pity about the driver. But unless something major occurs, it will see out my driving career xx

  3. I'm still driving my father's, and it's 21! A good old Horse :)