Monday, 24 July 2017

My old car.

My car is due its MOT in a couple of weeks. It is now about eight years old...and in very good nick because it doesn't go far.....I drive it around the Roseland , visiting various churches but mostly it sits on my drive, resting.
It is a diesel car, one of the reasons for buying it in the first place.
Every so often I think about buying a newer, smaller, more eco friendly car..and then I shake my head.....I can't do it....
It was Davids has his cherished number plate on it. When I drive it I talk to feels like being part of him....and I know that's soppy...but that's how it is....
It's in very good nick. It doesn't need replacing. My usual comment on it is that it will see me out!
It had a major breakdown a year ago whilst I was out of the country. The body shop were trying to get it home after removing some scratches when the alternator died on a very steep hill a few miles ago...
Since then I took out what amounts to insurance with the Mercedes garage about twenty miles away. So tomorrow they will arrive here to pick it up, take it back with them , do everything needed and then bring it back for me! In theory....we will see.
I don't mind having a car less day ....I often don't go out in it for days..
I am ready for the inevitable hard sell.....but I don't think they will convince me to part with it....but they are welcome to try...
It is stupid being soppy about a car....I do know that....but that's the way it is. I can live with it!

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