Saturday, 29 July 2017

Password protected?

I am in trouble yet again with my password. I was advised during the week that I needed to change it.
I tried. The reasons for rejecting various offerings ranged from it being too simple, too close to previous ones, not long enough, missing a Capitol or a number.
I spent an hour this week trying to find one that we all liked.
I got the email from Apple telling me I'd changed it but since then they don't seem able to recognise it.
Every time I use my lap top, my iPad or my phone I am prompted to put it in again.. so far it has not been recognised...
I keep trying.....I press the ignore button...I have written it down using the version I think is correct...but I'm not sure..
Apple is protecting me I keep telling myself...but I am failing to convince myself...
Sometime soon I am going to have to change it again...I think...but having to jump through all the hoops once more is putting me off...
Apple does not make concessions for ancient old ladies..I fully understand that...but I do use Apple Pay , it's very useful especially when I'm abroad!
I play all the games I enjoy every day..everything I do is password protected..
In the old days one short word covered it's just too complicated....but I'll get there...
A friend tells me that the most common one is. "Password" . At least I've never done that!

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