Friday, 28 July 2017

President as monarch?

How long can this White House show run? The latest drama unfolding from the other side of the pond is looking terminal. .
The only really good news is that Republicans with social consciences are voting down some of the punitive measures adopted by Trump.
That he is motivated more by spite against Obama than by any need for good government is becoming depressingly obvious.
The transgender people in the armed forces had a rug pulled out from under them this week by being told they had no place in their jobs.
Republicans with a social conscience are finding themselves unable to support Trump.
He is off to another rally this weekend it is reported...this is usually an election event but he clearly needs an ego boost right now.
Surrounded by hard right , very rich people Trump has failed to inspire many of his own party.
How long can this go on?
This week we have heard from Trump that he is the hardest working, most successful president ever and heard him wondering if he deserves a place on the monument at Mount Rushmore. ,!!!
He seems to be living in a fantasy land where he has become the king of the American world of politics and his courtiers are chosen to support him in this.
He has failed to repeal far.... we now wait for the next move.
It's interesting but tragic...a great nation is in the hands of a petulant infant.
How long can it continue?

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