Sunday, 23 July 2017

Royal musings.

I will probably not watch the program about Princess Diana compiled by her sons. I have never been someone who cares about royalty much since my adolescent years of rebellion by choosing not to sing the national anthem as the obvious course of a young socialist.
When the news of the tragic death burst upon the airwaves I was in deep mourning for the death of my first husband David.
When I wept at that time my tears were for him. I did not join my friends who travelled up to London to lay flowers for her at Buckingham Palace.
But I did care that she had been treated so badly by Prince Charles.
His reasons for marrying her were not love, that became obvious to us all but for her the devastating knowledge of his love for another woman must have been crushing.
Her sons must now be aware of all this and I am glad that they are able to remember their mother with love and joy.
It will not be going down too well with the older royals I don't suppose but they are now the future...they are entitled to show us the playful loving mother they clearly loved.
I pray for the Queen every week in church as part of the service....eventually I will pray for her successor if I live that long..... but Diana deserves to be remembered. It wasn't her fault that her husband loved someone else when he married her.
By dying so young our memories of her will always be of a beautiful lively young woman.....
I have met both Prince Charles and Camilla when they came to our village a few years ago...I will pray for them too in due course...
This world is very different from the one Diana left in 1997.
I hope her boys can forgive everyone now....and this TV memory of their mother is a fitting tribute to her as she is now resting in peace.

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