Saturday, 8 July 2017

Selling techniques?

I got cross yesterday. This in itself is not news but it is fairly unusual these days, especially as it wasn't the poor young mans fault.
I was trying to order something on line.
Failing to find what I was looking for in any of my usual shops I googled it.
A long sleeved polo top.....
There were plenty of short sleeved available but I need to cover my arms these days.
Several tops came up and I found one with just what I was looking for.
Off I went, chose two in different colours and tried to order them.
Oh dear.
The questions they asked me! Birthday? Why?
I proceeded feeling slightly cross but it just got worse...and when I tried to pay for them I failed to get to the right page after they quibbled over Cornish spelling!
And I couldn't pay until I'd gone through the whole process.
I rang them up.
A young man then tried to take me through the whole process again.
"Why? " I asked , " All I want to do is buy two things...just take the money ".
He was clearly following a specified formula.
I was not prepared to play. "Why?" He was getting anxious too.
The only explanation seemed to be that they wanted me to become a member of their data base....
I didn't want to join.
By this time I was never going back again. Becoming a member of anything was definitely out.
We never got to the important bit....I never gave him my card details...he asked me another irrelevant question.
I told him that I was not prepared to jump through any more hoops....I would not be coming back to their site and they could keep their polo tops.....or words to that extent.
I then put the phone down.
At that point I gave up the whole idea of getting new was too much like hard work!
But why do these firms demand such detail? Why do they assume you want to become members of something undefined?
Their loss...I found another top on another's coming this morning!

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