Friday, 14 July 2017

Using my alarm.

I had a man in the house yesterday. He was an electrician , found by a good friend to try to cure a recurrent problem.
My switch box in the kitchen was too high for me to reach without using step ladders, I needed it to be moved down so that I could reach it without having to go out to drag in any bloke I could find! Living in glorious isolation this was not always easy!
During the course of moving it all down the electricity had to be turned off.
I was startled then to hear a voice saying, "There is no mains electricity in the house.
It was my help line. I realised that I ought to ring them up to tell them what was going on. I used my mobile phone and explained the situation.
The young electrician said he wasn't going to be too long...but I replied that in a previous emergency I once had three firemen and an engine on my drive.
He grinned and got on with it.
When the juice went back on I then had to press my alarm and tell them I was alright.
I found the whole thing very reassuring. My friend in the next village had fallen in her garden and a quick press on her alarm had brought immediate help for which she was very grateful.
I am getting used to all the strange bits and pieces of being an old woman living alone....but impressed with the help available if I get into trouble.
Thank you God.

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