Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Visiting problems...

People are arriving daily now...slowly during July this small haven of peace will fill up.
There is a jokey comment us residents say to each other at this stage every year,
"You only realise how many friends you've got when you come to live in Cornwall."
This is more or less true. Lots of people turn up from now through to September. All are welcome...our economy needs this and we recognise it especially if like me you are one of those who made a beeline for Cornwall as soon as my school broke up for the summer...
Living here is just as wonderful as I imagined.....but with one small problem.
If an old friend wants to come and stay with me I have to admit to myself as well as them that I can no longer look after them properly.
Changing bedding take strength and energy I don't have anymore.
I don't cook much either...ready meals are easily available and come in a van about once a week!
I try to persuade would be visitors to do bread and breakfast somewhere else and just visit me during the day...
I am happy to take people out for meals...we have excellent restaurants as well as pubs serving good food...but to be honest my days of having house guests are over...at least as far as I am concerned...
This is hard to explain...my house looks big but there is only one spare bed room with one single bed in it! This is because my sitting room is upstairs to look out on wonderful views....
All my excuses trip easily off the lips but then I feel bad...it would be easier if I looked decrepit...but on the whole I don't...
Summer here is different...I love my friends visiting...I see some of them at other times of the year but the main period is from here to October.
To be fair the ones who come regularly do know that my advancing age is the main problem...but occasionally I have to use the phrase..
"You do realise how old I am now? "
The gasps of surprise are appreciated..... but fail to put them off. They don't say this but the inference is that if I'm that old they had better come soon or I might not be around next year!
I am not complaining. I love all my visitors but sometimes I need a rest!

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