Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Whose dog?

The sun shines and a new mystery appears.
It's only a little mystery...nothing major but I would like to know the truth!
Since my huge golden retriever died he has not been replaced.
I still miss him but if I want to take off for several weeks a year I really can't take on another dog.
So I was surprised yesterday to find a dog poo on my lawn.
Within minutes of finding it I heard barking. It was loud and clearly came from a big dog in my next door neighbours garden.
I have grown a thick hedge round the garden...right now it's hard to see anything through it...and it stands about six foot high. There are no gaps in it.
So the mystery is how did the dog get in?
As mysteries go it's a poor one but I did prowl around my boundaries...there is no gap anywhere!
After it all went quiet I forgot all about it until another neighbour came over for a drink with me and she told me the dog was a Great Dane.
Wow....nothing too small then! But it simply increased the puzzlement. It was definitely too big to squeeze through any gaps in the fence.
So my first job this morning is a trip around the garden...
I am not complaining about this....I love dogs but their droppings on my lawn are not welcome .
But I would like to know how it got in...given the fact that the only way is through a gate which is always shut!
As the world is in the grip of several major threats it's a tiny problem...but it has taken my mind off Trump, North Korea , Russia and Isis.
So it's not all bad news!

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