Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Getting out and about!

Lying in bed early I heard a weather forecast for today. It was not good., rain and wind were promised...I buried mŷself deeper and closed my eyes.
An hour later I have woken up to sunshine...
I do have plans for today....but the weather plays a part.....
Getting caught out on cliffs in a downpour is not recommended!
Instead I plan to drive my car somewhere....
Since it went into the garage last week it has only travelled from one local church to the next....
I feel that a proper test of all the work done on it last week is called for....
On a bright day here lots of families will be aiming for the beaches...so that's something I won't do.
Everything I do do in August is coloured by the presence of huge numbers of visitors.
Before I came to live here David and I had planned the means of escaping this problem.
August was the month for getting away....Scotland looked the best bet. The children go back to school in August up there....perfect!
En route we would call into Lancashire and visit old friends and family...before driving off to beautiful Scotland.
Now living here on my own Scotland is far too far away to even consider it and all the friends we might have seen along the route have gone aloft before me anyway.
So here I stay....driving around familiar roads.
I have to stick to main roads. Our visitors often fail to act sensibly in passing places...I once reversed up a hill for miles....it felt like miles anyway...it was very hard on the neck!
Now I can play helpless female fairly convincingly......so at some stage off I go!
Beep beep!

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