Thursday, 3 August 2017

Personal ads.

Most articles I read on line contain advertisements. Even Facebook has them....I am fed up with endless ads for slippers!
After a little while you don't see them any more...they become a normal accompaniment to reading!
Of late though the ads have become a very odd way.
During this summer I have been looking on line for some new tops...polo shirts suit me with collars so that a woolly jumper over the top on cool days looks neat.
Somehow google and others have tucked this into their adverts.
Yesterday on several different "pages" the same advert appeared.
Polo tops in different here to buy.
So I clicked! Every colour shown in the ad was not available....which was a shame because there were a couple I might have bought. But with each click came the message. " No longer available." So why advertise them?
Just to see I clicked on every colour....none of them were available.
I'm not sure which I find most annoying....finding these ads in the middle of some interesting reading, or being told they are not actually for sale!
It does give a worrying insight though into what's going on on line.
Once we've googled something nothing is secret...even silly things like crossword cheats come up..."Find the word" they shout after I've googled some American state or football team unknown to me.
It's a weird feeling realising that all my movements on line are monitored.
Thankfully I am much too boring to merit much interference with my usual buying habits...
Once I bought some country wines on for elderflower products followed me around for weeks...
It's one of the small prices we pay for the joy of all the other benefits...
But make no mistake, Big Brother is already here and lives among us!

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