Sunday, 13 August 2017

Self tanning

Since getting skin cancer last year I am no longer able to sit in the sun. If I go out in it I put on a sun screen and a big hat.
But being pale is not something I like. Having a brown face is one of the joys of summer, especially here in Cornwall.
So this week I sent for some self tanning lotions.
It arrived yesterday and I duly used it on my face. Then I put it on my dressing table to use every day from now on!
I was happy yesterday to splash it about a I regret it.
The hand I used to put the cream on my face is definitely brown. My face is brownish but the overall effect is too mat for comfort.
So I've put the cream in a safe place.... but only to find more tanning products already there!
I seem to have sent for creams I already had.
Poor old woman!
I may never use it again...a brownish face acquired without help from the sun does not look's too mat!
I may do my arms at some stage. My legs are already brown...from the knees down...due to the fact that I no longer wear tights even in the winter...
My back is doomed to stay white...I am not going to ask anyone to anoint it...
As part of the aging process it's just a being forgetful is also part of the same problem.....
But it is still better than the alternative....I think....I am still a very fortunate woman...pale but happy most of the time! Thank you God.

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