Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Targeting the elderly.

The number of calls offering me much needed work on my home is fast becoming a real nuisance.
I am aware of being targeted in my status as a single old woman living in an area well known for its prosperous inhabitants.
I am now careful about how often I pick the phone up...and I leave many calls on my landline unanswered.
The calls though now are coming on my mobile phone from other mobile phones which I do answer as sometimes it's a friend with a new phone!
Yesterday's call was on a slightly different theme.
A young woman called Holly insisted that I needed my cavity walls inspected...
What cavity walls? She attempted to lecture me on this subject until I stopped her by informing her that my walls are stone. She insisted that all walls have cavities and as "they " were working in my area this week I could get it much cheaper than it should be.
Oh dear! Do they really think they can scare or bribe us into doing jobs which are not needed?
This weeks calls have covered my solar tiles again with much the same message...they just happened to be working in my area.
I'm afraid us old single women are being targeted, especially if we live in a desirable area.
Having almost fallen for one of these earlier this year I know how persuasive they can be.
So I am now trying to make everyone else aware of this . It's too easy to trust people on the phone who seem to be helping us.
The number of new boilers I've been offered are legion.
I am occasionally tempted to call their bluffs... but there really is no point..
I am still capable of fixing my own problems as they arise. Our local tradesmen are need for someone from up country to arrive to sort out solar panels, cavity walls , boilers and all the other building works they can "cure"
Old women be aware....we are being targeted. Time to fight back!

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