Thursday, 10 August 2017


I went out to supper with some old friends last week. It is at least ten years since we last had a conversation.
They had lots of questions about my life down here but one of the first ones was odd.
"Jean have you any tattoos?"
What? No of course not...
" Not even a small butterfly tucked away somewhere?"
No, definitely not. I was surprised to be asked this and it must have shown....the explanation that followed surprised me.
Apparently it has become very common now to visit one of the fast growing tattoo parlours.
I can dimly remember wondering whether to have my eyelid tattooed . As I then drew a black line on it as part of my daily wear it seemed a good idea to have one permanently in place.
When I was told that it would be painful I shelved that notion fairly quickly.
But that was the only time in my life that tattooing seemed a possibility.
Following the conversation with my old friends I have since noticed the amount of tattoos to be seen on the television. Some late night programs reveal a huge number of bodily adornments.
Here one of my friends daughter displayed hers with pride and joy....a very big  picture of a lion resides on her back. She told me that it had been quite painful to start with!
This is weird. Once you've got one it's there for life. Why would you presume that what you loved in your youth would still be important to you fifty years or so later?
On the beach the more intimate visions are clearly visible apparently. We live in weird times...I hope that the young people of today don't have lifetimes of regret.
I am not tempted skin is picture free...and will stay that way..anything that hurts is always going to be out for me. Thank goodness.

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  1. I've never wanted to have a tattoo, not even a subtle hidden one. Had a chosen a tattoo as a young person I am sure I would hate it now. Tastes do change and a wrinkled tattoo is not attractive.

  2. Another person here who would never have a tattoo, I am horrified how many young people have a such a large part of their body disfigured. We were brought up to regard them as common, something unacceptable to my dear mother!
    Also, who would undergo a self inflicted painful experience, it is enough to suffer uncomfortable hurtful medical procedures such as a mammogram last Tuesday with an unsympathetic operator, today's experiences of an echocardiogram and a CT scan were difficult but,at least the hospital staff were so kind, professional and pleasant.
    As a child, even pierced ears were unacceptable, it took until the age of 29 before I plucked up courage to have my ears pierced.

    Jean, hope you don't mind me saying on your territory, my blog has moved to here from Blogger to here
    Just in case anyone would like to read my ramblings.

    1. Of course I don't bloggers have to stay together!

  3. I often wonder why tatoo's are so popular. My father had some that he got during his time in the Army in Egypt and Italy. I thought that they were ugly. I and my spouse thought about having our blood groups on our arms for an emergency,particularly as I appear to have a fairly rare one, which doesn't mix well with others - but we soon realised that it would be silly, as any medic worth their salt would have saline solutions to give in an emergency, and what if the tattoo was on a part of the arm injured?

    If people like body art, good for them, but keeping up with the Jones isn't really my thing.