Monday, 7 August 2017

The nursing home close by.

Procrastination is definitely one of my problems. I get up intending to do something and find that other things are taking my attention. The original plan of action is shelved and often remains on the shelf.
I have put off going to see a very old friend for days....and yesterday I found another old lady from church had gone into the same care home.
That's two!
The nursing home in the next village is the one where David died. I have been putting off going for obvious reasons but this week I will go. But not today.
I am told the staff are expecting me.
Over the years I have been a regular visitor. Several years ago the matron was a friend. It is now owned by a different company but it is still manned by some old friends from the village.
I used to walk my dog past it most days when I lived close by. The livelier inmates used to bang on the windows to get me to take my lovely golden retriever in. He was a very good visitor! He would lay his great head on the laps of the old ladies and sigh whilst they patted him.
Memories now of the time I was visiting my husband and indeed sleeping there with him as he got worse are still painful but also reassuring...the staff were unfailingly kind and gentle..
I cherish the memory of hearing them looking after David in his bathroom without knowing I was there. The kind words and gentle care were genuinely reassuring.
So this week off I go again...happy to know that's it's not my turn yet...but when it is there are much worse places to end up in! But I'm putting that off too!

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  1. I suspect that all of us would put off entering a nursing home or care placement as long as we can. But sheltered housing seems to be a good half-way house for those who want to retain independence. We have some really good ones in our parish and people there are included in all that we do. Many attend services, having been unchurched for years, while others come to our social events. They seem to enjoy being part of a community, but with their own front door to close when it gets over whelming. That would be my choice, particularly as it's about 50 yards from the church.