Monday, 7 August 2017

The nursing home close by.

Procrastination is definitely one of my problems. I get up intending to do something and find that other things are taking my attention. The original plan of action is shelved and often remains on the shelf.
I have put off going to see a very old friend for days....and yesterday I found another old lady from church had gone into the same care home.
That's two!
The nursing home in the next village is the one where David died. I have been putting off going for obvious reasons but this week I will go. But not today.
I am told the staff are expecting me.
Over the years I have been a regular visitor. Several years ago the matron was a friend. It is now owned by a different company but it is still manned by some old friends from the village.
I used to walk my dog past it most days when I lived close by. The livelier inmates used to bang on the windows to get me to take my lovely golden retriever in. He was a very good visitor! He would lay his great head on the laps of the old ladies and sigh whilst they patted him.
Memories now of the time I was visiting my husband and indeed sleeping there with him as he got worse are still painful but also reassuring...the staff were unfailingly kind and gentle..
I cherish the memory of hearing them looking after David in his bathroom without knowing I was there. The kind words and gentle care were genuinely reassuring.
So this week off I go again...happy to know that's it's not my turn yet...but when it is there are much worse places to end up in! But I'm putting that off too!

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