Saturday, 12 August 2017

War of words?

The situation we are living through is potentially dangerous. We have two people in charge of nuclear weapons who would make playground bullies look peaceful.
As we watch their posturing there is a very real danger that one of them will snap.
I am reminded of the Cuba crisis. As that night progressed I knelt at my baby sons cot to pray, convinced that the consequences would be terrible for everyone in the world if the buttons were pressed.
This time is different.
The Cuban crisis was real....there really were Russian weapons within easy reach of the USA...
Today we see the posturing of two school ground bullies, each trying to best the other with what we can only hope are empty threats.
I don't have babies to protect this time on this planet is drawing to a this crisis doesn't feel personal in the same way but surely words can't bring on a war?
"My bombs bigger than your bomb."
It really does feel as juvenile as that.
We are told Trump can't press the button on his own...I am now praying that's true.
We are also told that Trump is being advised to keep quiet. Let this be advice he listens to. The thought of what might happen if he doesn't is simply unthinkable. Lord hear our prayer.

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