Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Why I tweet!

I've been spending more time than usual reading the stuff on twitter. It is illuminating, mostly about what's going on in Washington.
I used to tweet fairly often and I know how easy it is to get involved in other people's problems...and other people's quarrels.
During my time of looking after my husband I virtually never tweeted apart from putting a link to my blog on it.
Real life took over. Twitter became an irrelevance.
During the three years since he died I have only dipped in and out occasionally....until recently.
Now I find myself reading the various rows between Trump and his detractors.
JK Rowling has done her best to get through the layers of conceit.
"Aunt Crabby" conducts her own battle daily which makes vivid reading....
"The Hill" dissects each new development and it's all riveting stuff particularly during the last couple of days.
What is amazing is finding old tweeting friends still conducting various missions, chatting away.
The number of clergy on Twitter is amazing...I enjoy all of their tweets regularly..but on the whole they have stayed well clear of the current soap opera being played out on the Hill.
Now I've started again it is fast becoming habit that it's impossible to drop so I do have some sympathy for the Donald.
Waking early, thinking through various problems it's second nature to him to tweet whilst everyone else is asleep. But it is entirely wrong.
It is not presidential. He could gain many browny points by not doing it...
But it would deprive many people of a focus to their days.
The discussions of American politics and all that entails via twitter is fascinating....and I confess myself hooked again....for the time being anyway!

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