Thursday, 26 October 2017

Access to our homes?

I have been given all the information this morning I need to decide whether I want an Amazon key!
This would allow the postman the freedom to open my door with a key.
A camera is involved and this has to bought, obviously from Amazon.
We are in whole new ball game here.
I do use Amazon, I am part of their Prime scheme and get instant free deliveries. I order books, CDs ,often small things like padlocks, or light bulbs.
I have a postman I trust and often leave the top half of my back door open and he puts everything inside for me with no fuss....but it is different here...petty crime is almost unheard of.
If I lived in a town close to London as I did before moving here I would not be so relaxed.
But would I want a camera by my door operating all the time giving people access to my home? Would I prefer to be always able to receive parcels?
I definitely wouldn't though if I was out all day it would be a temptation.
I am sure that for some working people it would be a boon to be able to receive parcels during the week.
But I can imagine lots of scenarios which would be scary, an intrusion into our sacred privacy in our own homes.
Thank you Amazon but no thanks.

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Marleen said...

Hmmm, that sounds horrible. I wouldn't dream of giving someone I hardly knew my key! Only both our parents have a spare set. Not that I have valuables, but the idea of someone able to access your house of breaking in...brrr, no thank you!