Sunday, 5 November 2017

Alarms and excursions.

A very busy weekend has been interesting and has left me rather tired.
Going to a whole row of concerts has brought me into contact with old friends and lots of local people . Avoiding various people's names has been the main problem.
And I have been hugged to extinction at times.
Several people yesterday called at my house either on their way to the venue or on their way home from it.
Old friends have turned up sure of a sincere welcome especially those I haven't seen for some time.
One man however got more than he bargained for.
Having had a drink with me earlier in the day he called in to see me last night. He gave me a very warm embrace .
I squeaked and pushed him away. He looked shocked until I explained. I was wearing my Alfie alarm.
I pulled out the string around my neck to reveal the small bright red alarm.
"If you'd set that off we'd have been surrounded by people including the men from the local fire station."
He was visible shaken.
I had exaggerated of course. Only two local people would have arrived but failing them I'm told that firemen would indeed have arrived.
This is for me a great reassurance .
But for my old friend it was the first indication that I am now a seriously old woman.
So beware old chums I am now alarmed.....

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UKViewer said...

Wow, that is a deterrent to hugging. If you wear it in Church, you might frighten a few people, if it malfunctions- but the Fire Service turning up might be welcome. Strapping, Men and Women concerned to put out your fire :)