Tuesday, 14 November 2017


It serves me right....I should have not sent in my PTO form to the bishop. But I did and now all the old frustrations are lining up to irritate me.
Yesterday I got my CRB form to fill in. This for those of us not required to jump through hoops regularly in their old age is a form to establish that I have no criminal records anywhere around.
I do recognise the necessity for this...and it is much easier these days if you are required by several organisations to furnish them with proof of your innocence. One will fit all!
Last night I ran a quick eye over the form on line...
Most of it is easy to do but finding proof of habitation gets complicated again.
I have to send in old bills to reassure them that I've lived here for over ten years.
I don't get statements now. Mostly I pay everything by direct debit. Any statements arrive on line.
It's just one more bit of red tape that I don't need. Since getting my first CRB clearance years ago I suppose I have had the opportunity to do bad things but given my calling it seems unlikely....arghhh
The first thing I thought about when waking this morning is getting this last bit of bureaucracy sorted out. But if it gets too complicated I may just stop!
At my age I really don't need this!

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