Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas at sea.

Christmas morning is not what it used to be . When I had small children it was wonderful to see them catch the magic...
Grown up days with my husband were never quite the same but now it is very different...
I will attend the interdenominational service this morning...I will try to sing carols but my heart is not in it any more I'm afraid...
The sea has got up. Real waves are not too bad though and I will try to walk the deck later.
A new thing I'm finding as I go about this ship are the number of men wearing jewellery.
Women...fine...lots of gold and diamonds are on display but now men too are sporting gold bracelets, neck chains, and rings.
I'm not sure why...maybe they always have and I'm only just noticing it but there are a lot of blokes walking round this ship complete with additional extras...
It's not that they are looking effeminate...they are not.
Some are wearing exact replicas of their wives jewellery .
His and hers!
I really don't know why. Maybe Christmas encourages them to an outward show of wealth...but the conversations so far have included several tips on keeping safe on land.
One man touching his neck chain says... "You have to be aware when you get off that we are targets."
Crumbs! Such a thought has never entered my head...but then my jewellery doesn't get into that class...I'm not likely to be robbed for my bling!
I do find it dispiriting though that much advice is offered on the subject of keeping all your valuables safe....
I have yet to switch on the news...I'll save that for later...
The peace of the Christchild be with us all this morning!

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