Saturday, 13 January 2018


Many years ago when I still lived in Essex me and my husband got flu every year around Christmas. We finally realised it was picked up at the huge carol service in the cathedral where we all greeted each other with hugs and kisses.
I remember David’s last Christmas with dismay...he really was very poorly.
Since then the flu vaccine has appeared and providing we got the right strain we can stay reasonably well.
Since getting home from the cruise I have considered going to the doctor every morning.but have been warned off.
"Only go if you are desperate!"
This message from various visitors has  kept me at home. Apparently the waiting rooms are full of sneezing, coughing folk.
" But I’ve had my flu jab!"
"Ah.....did you go early or late?"
Apparently the early flu injections haven’t worked well this year. Fortunately I had my jab rather late but I am still not inclined to risk it.
Since reaching home I’ve only been in physical contact with a handful of people which turns out to be a very good thing.
Tomorrow though I am doing the eight o’clock communion .......
Flu is something to dread now. In my younger days I accepted it as a nuisance to be coped with most I realise how serious it could be for an old woman on her own.
My itchy spots have died down. I will delay showing the more worrying one till I am sure the flu has departed...
Time to keep my head down right now....

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