Sunday, 28 January 2018

Long range cruising.

A quick flick through this morning Time Hop collection is simply wonderful. Seven years ago today David and I were in South America. There are wonderful pictures from Rio and Montevideo!
Moving back through the years I find myself sitting with my beloved husband in the local nursing home. It was start of the end for us but we didn’t know it then.
There are some amazing photos of the sea looking out to Gull rock, often with rainbows....he still appreciated the view at that point.
The collection of blogs and pics show me every day how happy we were and how lucky to have had those few years together.
I still miss my husband . I talk to him every day as I walk around the house and garden. This helps though anyone hearing me might fear for my sanity.
But gosh we were lucky...this was the part of the year we preferred to be away for.
There are blogs and photographs from all over the world showing two happy relaxed people enjoying themselves together.
It is these memories that have made me set off cruising on my own.
My solitary cruises are usually nearer to home, covering old familiar ground now.
But reading every morning of these long range adventures has made me wonder if it’s time to go back to some of the more adventurous things I did with David.
It is different on my own but he showed me the way.
Thank you God for these and all your blessings.

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UKViewer said...

It sounds as if this has ticked your 'adventure box' and we might now hear of you in places like Mongolia, Japan and the Seychelles?

If you can, do it! Because we only live once here and who knows, you might be cruising with both Davids in the next life :)