Monday, 5 February 2018

Another day out!

It is very cold here though not windy so yesterday an old friend asked me to book us into a hotel for lunch.
This done we duly arrived . The hotel sits on the cliff top looking over a glorious beach much loved by the visitors as well as the residents.
We ordered a glass of wine in the comfortable lounge , made our menu choice and then were taken through to the dining room.
It was empty!
Our table near the French window was in the same position as the one we sat at on my eightieth birthday.
On that occasion we were a table of ten. The other tables were all full of people.
Yesterday we were alone, outnumbered by the staff.
The meal was excellent as always but when we got up to go we realised that we were still alone...
This has never happened’s usually a very busy place.
Afterwards we walked in bright sunshine from one side of the long beach to the other...the beach was thankfully populated by lots of dogs, several horses, and families..
The whole outing was weird...there are people here, even in February...but clearly not enough to make keeping a restaurant open a viable event.
It is still only February. Time to fill up before Easter....

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UKViewer said...

That would be a strange experience. We are used to booking and still having to wait as earlier sittings finish their meal and our table is prepared. So, Cafes and Restaurants here do well.Strange that in a busy tourist venue people don't eat in comfort?

Jean Rolt said...

Cornwall Is not full in February...especially when it’s so cold. It’s a very upmarket establishment and usually very busy...but they were all out on the beach yesterday.

UKViewer said...

We have visited Cornwall in February, and found it quite busy, but we were at Newquay and it's surrounds.

And many years ago, with the Army, did lots of training at places like Tregantle and walking on the bits of Exmoor in the North. For four years I was based in Plymouth, so Cornwall was our playground in time off.