Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Inanimate objects seem to be ganging up on me at times. I know things don’t really have their own agendas but sometimes it does feel like it.
Yesterday was the turn of my chair lift.
I don’t use it much myself but whilst I am getting ready to travel it takes all my heavy cases both up and down the stairs as well as my laundry basket.
So I shouldn’t have been surprised yesterday to find that it couldn’t get up the can get nearly to the top but fails at the last yard!
All sorts of stupid tests show that if I’m sitting on it it goes up. If I’m calling it to come up to me it doesn’t want to know.
The people who installed it are going to ring me this morning......
Meanwhile I have taken my big suitcase downstairs whilst it was empty....just in case!
I know my friend Ray is convinced that things have independent lives of their own and I’m starting to be equally convinced....the timing of this small glitch , playing up at a time when I need it most suggests some malevolence...I block these thoughts as being ridiculous...but the timing of this is weird...
My big suitcase...empty as yet now sits in my husbands office waiting....
I will put stuff on the chair and send them works fine going far.
It’ll be interesting to hear what they say when they ring me...I will have to be careful what I would be much too easy to get written off as a balmy old woman.... well ......

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UKViewer said...

If you recall the film the "Gremlins" you might have a nightmare. But Gremlins describe the faults with your stair lift. Perhaps looking behind the skirting boards would be too much of a risk :)