Sunday, 29 April 2018

Brave new world.

Thanks for all the advise I got about what seems to be a bot sending me messages. That was not something I’d ever considered...but it does make sense.
Writing a daily blog is now an integral part of my life.
It helped the grieving process as I said goodbye to my loved makes me think about what’s important to me and what is merely the trivia of life.
Sorting out the scribble that sometimes occupies my mind is a valuable part of the process and has been for very many years.
In my barn here in Tregear Vean is a box containing old exercise books, jottings going back badly typed novels.
They will never see the light of day I’m sure but I value the fact that they represent years of my putting pen to paper to record my feelings as well as my movements.
Acquiring a bot is not something I’d ever even’s a pretty weird thing to happen but then everything I do daily is weird for a woman who learned to read with the comics, Dandy and Beano as well as the ingredients of sauce bottles on the table.
My first scribblings were done on slates with chalk. Easy to wipe clean and start again.
We have advanced if that’s the right word, so far in the last eighty years it’s now hard to see what’s next.
Waiting just around the corner might be another big step of technology ready to change minds and habits.
I’m glad to have lived through this brave new world...thank you God.

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Ray Barnes said...

Well done to you Jean for getting to grips with so much of the new technology. Although like you, I have lived through the invention and acquisition of so many new things, I am much further behind than you. Still it's good to see someone in the same age group with such a good grasp of our somewhat alien world.
More power to your elbow.