Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Another vote?

Here is a phrase I never thought to hear.
"The House of Lords is seeking to overthrow the will of the people."
I heard this on the today program this morning to which I said very loudly "Good."
People do change their minds. This is the nature of democracy. We vote for one party to rule us and then five years later we vote again...sometimes for something completely different.
It’s what we do. We change our minds and our votes are based on events beyond our control.
I was always a remainer so I am obviously biased but so many things have become clear over the last year that getting another vote before the final step is taken seems logical to me.
I shudder to think what would happen if May resigns. She is weak but is trying to stick to the letter of the law with so many ambitious young men snapping at her heels, all with their own agendas that it’s impossible to imagine anything good coming out of number ten right now.
But at some stage another vote seems inevitable.
It might not be labelled Brexit 2 but we should surely have the chance to vote again before the entire government sinks under its own weight of words.
I wish I could be convinced that Jeremy would be a good leader of our nation but just now I’m not sure....
In fact there are very few parliamentarians that stand out except for all the wrong reasons.
But we get the government we voted for...so we only have ourselves to blame.
"Give us another chance guv?"

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Robert Collis said...

Spot on Jean. As usual.

UKViewer said...

Brexit has given the Lords the chance to demonstrate that as the #Revising Chamber, they are doing their job. Parliament will have their opportunity to have their say on the amendments in due course.

The danger of all of this is that the government negotiations on Brexit will be hampered as Europe will be encouraged to play hard ball and insist on things that people wanted to get away from when they voted leave.

Having another vote would just make things worse (in my view). We need to allow the Parliament to do what it's paid to do - but decisions will have to be made by next February, or we will leave with no agreement whatsoever and effectively falling back on World Trade Rules and the European Economic Area rules, which will impose tariffs on our trade and generally unsettle the whole country and the whole of Europe.

I just wonder how people who voted Brexit now feel about it all. Just listening to a member of the House of Lords, saying that she believes that there will be another vote by the people, which she hopes will vote against leave.

I don't have any answers, just wish that the politicians could act in the interests of all of the people and not their narrow political interests.