Saturday, 12 January 2019

Home murmurs.

Gosh I’m sleeping well since arriving home. It obviously took up a lot of my energy. I do have friends here at the moment so I’m quite busy. Eating out and doing beach walks as well as unpacking my suitcases is leaving me tired so it’s no wonder my energy levels are low.
I have yet to start my car since getting home and I admit to being a bit of a wimp in that direction. But I have to start soon.
The news is riveting too....but there’s not much to inspire all sounds dire...
Brexit is taking up far too much effort to follow...I do feel sorry for Mrs one could have led us through this mess with any degree of success.
I admit though that every time I read that another referendum is possible. I cherish a wish that all the uncertainty around right now could be resolved by another vote to cancel the position of the last referendum which started all this mess.
Sticking to the nations decision is leading us up some very dark corridors right now I think.
It’s all very interesting....depressing....but riveting.
I especially enjoy them dragging out some ancient politicians to discuss our present position. The fact that no one agrees with anyone else just makes it even more interesting.
We live in exciting times....unfortunately.

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