Sunday, 27 March 2011

Congregations I have bored.

Having been with old friends all day I come late to this blog. In church this morning I did something that for me is very rare. I didn't repeat last weeks sermon  but we did somehow arrive there. The strange language of the various gospel readings  included last week being born again and this week drinking of the living water from God.   You can see by their faces that some of the congregation find these images strange and even confusing and for some people simply are irrelevant to their faith,  so  I talked in  both sermons  about the grace of God and that the various symbolic references like the water and  being born again are just another way of being able to receive God into your life.
I finished the sermon by talking about my hippie youth where I learned to meditate and to know serenity. And once again I spoke to them of the several moments of my life when I have literally been transported into a different state  even if only for a moment or two.
Last week at the end I used a small poem to illustrate these moments and this week, lacking a better piece to quote I repeated it.
There sitting towards the back of the church were two people who had heard it before at the sister church. So travelling from one church to another doesn't stop you from committing the sin of repetition and being very  boring!
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