Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Port of Falmouth

Going to Falmouth this morning was lovely. Its a place we can see from our windows but to actually get there you need either a boat, a strong swimming technique or you use a ferry. There are two sorts of ferry. There is a proper boat which is great fun but it takes you to a  jetty which is a long way from the place we were visiting. The other ferry is a chain ferry across the Fall. It goes by the name of "The King Harry Ferry." This goes back to time immemorial. There are great pictures of the first ferry which was planks of wood pulled across the river by a horse attached to a winch. In my life time there have been two ferries and the new one is very swish, boasting its own Wifi!
That was our choice  this morning, in glorious sunshine and the drive to the ferry and then on to the town was lovely with fields of daffodils, camellias and magnolia trees in full bloom along the roadway which led us past the marina and the harbour.
Falmouth is the second deepest harbour in the world. It is an important port  but it is still very pretty. We have been to many ports around the world and Falmouth is way ahead of most of them for ease of access and general beauty.  As we drove along the sea front  we worked out  what made the difference. David got it in one. No containers. Every other port we have arrived at have been engulfed by containers, piled high and lined up for miles.
Falmouth just has boats, lots of them, two jetties and a long street running parallel to the water line with lots of individual shops. We looked for the signs of depression now growing obvious in many of our towns but as yet Falmouth retains its dignified air of grandeur.
We sat outside in the sunshine drinking coffee and we knew just how lucky we are.
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