Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What if?

We are not yet used to the lost hour.  On the cruise the time was advanced very often by an hour a day when we were crossing the Atlantic...and that, though difficult was actually easier to cope with because there were no deadlines to fulfill   ....time was elastic and if you wanted a doze during the day you could have one. In theory you can here too but it's not always possible. Today between 12 and 3 the phone rang at least 8 times, twice waking me up because I had not  slept well last night.
Time is a mystery. JB Priestly wrote some wonderful plays based on this subject and I have acted in several of them, each one convincing me that he may have had something. The way the Cunard line plays with time makes it more believable even though you know its all based on GMT in the end.
I have always enjoyed science fiction both novels and film and my husband finds it hard to believe that I get so much out of them but I think its the "What If ?" theory.  What if time could be stretched, you were able to revisit your past, or see into the future. There are lots more what ifs and I have enjoyed all the ways novelists and dramatists have played with the idea.
I have even written one myself and got much pleasure from playing with the idea and weaving it into a story. Alas it never got published and has been lost during so many house moves I've lost count. But.....What if someone somewhere found it, liked it, and published it and what if one day I read it and it got to number one in the hit parade!  Mixed metaphors I know but it is science fiction remember.
You get the idea....what if, can spark a multitude of ideas... and what if we woke up one morning and we all loved each other. Stranger things have happened.
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