Friday, 3 June 2011

I am a reformed character. Ahem.

I hope the title of this blog is true. What happened to me in Cape Town earlier this year has left me scarred for life. We didn't fly there, we arrived there after a cruise from Southampton so my luggage had not been checked or more importantly weighed. BA simply refused to allow my bag on board so there in front of hundreds of people I had to repack. Some of my stuff went into David's bag, he's always got room and some of it was jettisoned. I was tempted to just heave out the dirty washing but pride didn't let me.  It was bad enough showing all those people how stupid I'd been.
So today I have started the process and I am being sensible...honestly.
We have been to this lovely place in Madeira before and we know it will be hot. Unfortunately the days when I could pack a few skimpy bikinis  and let it go at that have long gone. So all the usual temptations are there....swimming things, sun dresses and shorts this year and evening clothes...not ball gowns but stuff to eat out well in.  We can't take anything in bottles through customs unless its in our hair stuff, skin stuff and insect repellent all have to go in the case. So far only two pairs of shoes have been added but I know myself too well....we are not going till Sunday night, by which time I shall have pushed in everything that comes to mind and there's a danger it will be double what I have now.
My case is a "push you pull you" and so is my cabin bag...but they again are part of the problem   If I had to lift them  I would be more selective.
Why am I packing so early? Because tomorrow and Sunday I have people coming to the house and have my dog to settle in his holiday home with good friends and finishing touches to put to the sermon etc. On Sunday I christen a baby at one service, drive several miles and preside over another. We will have lunch out but by Sunday afternoon I shall be in the market for a sleep before the taxi comes for us at 2am!  So  this is my only chance to not panic, take it slowly and get it right!  Ahem!
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