Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Paella for lunch

My husband's family came for was only four of them but it seemed like more.  I love cooking and its not my fault that I am too busy do it  much. In the old days I would cook up a storm at the drop of a hat but honestly life then got serious during my year as an ordinand.
I was on placement with another  priest on the north coast and every Sunday I would make a huge casserole and then take it over day by day till by the end of the week it was soup, thin soup at that but it fed two of us most lunch times.
That was when the rot set in. My year as a deacon was even busier....all ordinands please note! As I was a single woman I could happily exist on ready meals from Tesco who also delivered them to me. Life was simple then.
Before I agreed to get married I explained to my now husband that I couldn't look after him as well as his first wife had...there was just no time.  Being a church warden and the brother of a priest he understood perfectly and we got married.
Within a month we had changed  our eating times. I had far too many meetings at night so I made the main meal at lunch time. During the time I was running the parish even that was hard at times and the local pub saw an awful lot of us  during that time.
Now I am back to cooking more or less properly again...weddings etc permitting.
This morning our two expected visitors arrived. They had come for coffee, and they brought their parents with them. It was lovely to see them and then the brain started to tick over.....if they stayed on what had we to eat?
Here is where my good relationship with another church warden came in handy...I had frozen a great deal of fish, prawns and scallops.
They were all de frosted and went into a large paella together with the noodles,  vegetables and Pernod....  the whole thing took about an hour and I was able to set a large pan full of it front of them.
Topped off with fresh fruit salad and yoghurt and washed down with some lovely Rose my reputation as a cook was recovered...and not  before time!
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