Monday, 18 June 2012

My hero!

I don't know what is going on with me, funerals and the Tarmac machines. But I'd like it to stop....sooner rather than later!
Last week after a very sad funeral our way to the cemetery was hampered by several large machines rolling out new road surfaces.
Today as I prepared for the next funeral I heard the sound and smelled the unmistakable dreaded Tarmac flotilla.
They were laying a new surface on the road right outside my house.....the one that leads to the church!
I went out outside ....there was no way to get out that I could see. My husband told me to get into my car and then strode out onto the road.
The men on the machines shouted at him....he stood his ground.
As I gingerly approached the entrance to the road I heard him shout.
"my wife's a vicar. She's got to get out! "
That brave foolhardy man actually stopped the traffic in both directions whilst I negotiated my way through! I last saw him standing in wet Tarmac waving his arms at the men. Good job I couldn't hear what they were saying over the noise!
I was relieved to find him in one piece when I got back home after the hero!

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  1. "Born and bred in a briar patch Brer Fox", or something very similar.
    How brave, and how foolhardy!
    Is there a husband-shaped outline in the road outside your house?
    More seriously Jean. Are 'they' not obliged to let you know in advance if a road is going to be resurfaced?
    In this area, there would be notices along the proposed route for days before.

  2. Too be fair there was a small notice which said work would start on Monday weather permitting! One of the Welsh lot asked "if wrt townhall?"