Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The plight of the donkeys.

Having seen advertisements lately for donkey welfare and looking in horror at the way they are sometimes treated I have been recalling a previous time when a couple of horror stories gained prominence.
In those days Saturday lunch time was the moment for some of the older ladies of my original village to get together in the pub, to chew over local and national events after a gin or three.
One of them managed to get enough money together to go over to Ireland where one of the scandals had occurred. She was going to rescue one and bring it home.
Off she went leaving her husband at home to get ready for her return. He was the newly retired local vet. A small paddock had been found to house the rescued animal.
We were all there to meet her as her large van pulled into the village. Out of the van emerged at least six very unhappy looking donkeys in various conditions of decrepitude.
Joyce was unphased by the problem of where they were going to live.
"Just look at them" she said. "how could I leave any of them behind? "
It is not on record what her husband said but eventually homes were found for them all as they were nursed back to good health and their sores healed. At least one of them out lived their rescuer.
She was daft...unrealistic in her expectations but she pulled it off, thank goodness.
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  1. My spouse support charities that work to provide good welfare and vet's for Donkeys and Horses in places like the middle east, where they remain working animals and are often ill treated, more from ignorance rather than cruelty.

    She also supports charities that provide retirement homes for horses no longer wanted or abandoned.

    This is a hangover from her first Job working as a stable girl in the old Royal Artillery Stables at Woolwich in SE London. She has never lost that love or respect for horses that she gained than.

    A few years ago, we were in Cornwall and went to a Museum that preserve Gypsy Caravans. They also have some Shire Horses and Donkeys. She had a blast that day. Shire Horses are magnificent animals and deserve to be preserved.

  2. We have shire horse near here. Beautiful animals.