Thursday, 9 August 2012

Barking at the visitors.

The influx of summer visitors is making my ancient golden very lively. It is his job to bark people in and out. It's a job he does valiantly, brooking no interference from me.

We are off the beaten track here but there is the coastal path running just in front of us and it's much walked at the moment...He can hear people talking and banging the big gate into the next stretch. He may be deaf indoors but outdoors he doesn't miss much.

If another dog is out there he sniffs the air and then barks. The other dog doesn't know where the noise is coming from because we are behind a big hedge. It's led to some interesting conversations over heard by me, between dog and owner!

There are a lot of people here just now but it is August. They bring prosperity and jollity to the whole area and also some moments of frustration. In the town they take up the entire road, strolling and never seem to understand that it is a do drive on it to get to where they need to be.

On the whole though our visitors are a joy....they fill the churches as well as the roads and we are hoping that some of them might even get some good enough weather to get onto beaches and into the sea. We would all enjoy that!

In the interim Crispin welcomes them, very noisily....of all his failing faculties the bark is the one left word he can still do it!



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