Friday, 10 August 2012

More car embarrassment.

I am more than usually embarassed this morning. A warning light came on as I was driving to church for morning prayer. I ignored it until I was driving was a picture of a stick being dipped into a jar! Over it was printed " Check"

Not being a complete Dumbo I sussed out that it was advising me to check my oil level! And that's where the embarrassment begins! I have no idea how to get my bonnet up or where to look for the oil! It's all changed since my day!

I've had a variety of cars over the years. I knew my way around them perfectly well. I always topped up the oil and water myself! Before every six hour drive to Cornwall in my Discovery I checked and topped up everything. But then that was a proper car. My present little Beetle is more toy than car and nothing under the bonnet looks familiar!

I have now become one of those previously despised woman who get their husbands to do that sort of thing for them. Oh dear....I really am becoming an old woman!


  1. Normally it's under the bonnet :)

    But, I know what you mean. My spouse has a newish french car. I haven't a clue what goes on under the bonnet, and as I only drive it occasionally, I haven't bothered to find out.

    So, I'm one of those men who asks his wife what is what and to sort out a problem :(

  2. Wonderful Earnie. I like a bit of role swapping.