Friday, 21 September 2012

Harvest of Poetry

I settled down this morning to devise a service for the Harvest Festival in Port Loe....
This is a most beautiful tiny fishing village along the coast from here...
There is just one chapel right in the centre of the village and it has been renovated in a  lovely  simple way and they have alternate services every Sunday, Methodists and Church of England...
When ever I go they welcome me warmly with real joy and its always a great pleasure...
The service will be full of thanks for all the gifts of God which will include some good readings from the Bible and I always include other poems which say what I want to say.
One of the local fishermen always knows exactly who wrote what and why....he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of literature  which astounds me at times.
Over the years I've found some beautiful poetry on this theme but today I found a poem I've never come across before by Mary Webb.
...Here it is...
Harvest Song   by Mary Webb

The noise of bells has sunk to rest
The low grey clouds move swiftly on 
The land is still as Avalon
Deep breathing in its sleep, and blest

For us the holy corn is spread
Across the quiet, misty dales
Towards the hyacinth hills of Wales
To give our souls their daily bread.

For us that starling flock took wing
And like a silken banner blown
Across the rippling corn was flown
To teach our spirits how to sing. 

I think its beautiful and I know that the people of Port Loe will love it too....

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  1. It is very evocative stuff isn't it.
    I loved Mary Webb as a teenager, and would sob my way happily through "Gone to Earth". I knew it almost word for word and yet I'd forgotten it, and her, until I read your post Jean.
    Thanks for the reminder.