Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wet Harvest

The Harvest Festival is now over for another year in Portloe . The wind howled and the rain chucked and I forgot both the notices and the collection.
But the bread of heaven was all about for the soul in the wonderfully dramatic landscape outside.
When we came to the words " .Your God reigns " we all laughed because you could hear the rain rattling the windows!

Something very good happened during the service.
I had asked the local fisherman who loves poetry to read a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Before he started the poem he explained that it was one of his favourite poems by his favourite author.
When he had been in Dublin last year he had started to look for Hopkins grave but he had failed. There were hundreds of ORiley's and OBrians and they had had to run to catch their coach after searching for an hour. ..
Somehow it brought the entire congregation on board. They strained for every one could have read" Pied beauty "better.
Getting up and talking is a natural thing in that church I think and I very much appreciated it.

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