Sunday, 24 February 2013

Food glorious food

On every cruise the food has varied to take on the flavor of the people travelling on it. Last year we had a lot of Japanese food before David decided that raw fish might not be his thing.

The predominant race right now is American, which is of course a whole lot of races welded into one political entity. We are fortunate in having two US folk on our table because they have been able to help me with the names...

A roughy turns out to be a fish.. There are so many sorts of fish with strange names that I might never get the hang of them!

This trip I have eaten grits.......I only risked this when I was told that for a start it wasnt gritty and for another it was not the crisped innards of some poor animal.

Suckersash turned out to be beans flavored with various hot spices. I had it yesterday with shepherds pie!

There are so many mixtures for tortillas, curries, sweet and savory rice it would be impossible to sample everything.

On board we have a wonderful big dining serves breakfast, lunch and dinner , impeccably presented by their lovely stewards. We eat there at dinner time but prefer to go elsewhere for breakfast and lunch. There are so many things to chose from in the self service restaurant that we have great fun trying out what we see before us.

Today a man made me pancakes whilst I waited and I added the banana and maple syrup to taste!

It is possible to eat all day long. As well as the afore mentioned meals they also serve elevenses and afternoon tea, it would be possible to have a cream tea every day if that's what gave you pleasure.

I don't eat much these days and go home roughly the same size as I came. Unfortunately some of my fellow guests are growing before my eyes! It will take them a year to get back to the same size before setting off on another cruise!



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