Friday, 22 February 2013

Windy Wellington

We spent the morning in Wellington. Our bus drove us along a wonderful storm coast and then climbed high up to a sheep farm. We were given morning tea and refreshments and then watched the sheep expertly being moved from one place to another by two well trained border collies.

It reminded me of my time in North Wales when my tiny Springer spaniel puppy William was sent for sheep training. He was not being taught to herd them but to avoid them. He was put into a pen with Ewes. He came home a little battered but never went near a sheep again! This meant we were free to walk anywhere we wanted around the mountainside. The alternative was that had he at any time given chase he would have been shot. Several people had suffered the sight of their dearly loved pets dying after chasing their woolly quarry. It was not something I could have coped with.

This morning was chilly! There was a strong wind and for the first time we put jumpers and jackets on. It's back to normal this afternoon though! Not too hot I have just had a sleep by the pool!

I heard a lady this morning announce that she was on a mission to shop! I might have joined her if we had gone any where near a shop! So far I have not had any indulgent moments. But it's only a matter of time!

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