Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Some of you may remember my rant last week about a parcel I'd ordered that failed to arrive. Yesterday having lunch with a family member who lives about 50 miles away I was told exactly the same story!

She had ordered something to be delivered by DPD. Like me she was then told she was out when she was actually standing looking out of her front window and also like me she then spent the rest of the day seething with impotence at getting no where with the delivery company.

So that's two of us in a similar state of frustration at the same company who clearly need to sort out their young men who deliver..or not as the case may be!

To be told your out when you are not is bad enough but it's also counter productive for the company as the van has to come back with the parcel the next day. This inefficiency must be costing them money as well as losing the confidence of its customers!

The really weird thing though is that we share the same surname!

From now on they will be very wary of anyone called Rolt! And so they should be!


  1. Surely it should be Revolt as you're being bit of a rebel lately :)

  2. Me a rebel.....surely not! Lol