Thursday, 16 October 2014

Help arrived!

Following the doom and gloom of the last couple of days I can now report a miracle!

Not quite a miracle but close!

Unable to get In touch with the man I wanted to come out I had phoned the oil company and fixed for one of their engineers to come out today, Friday.

During Thursday afternoon, feeling very cold I had got a fan heater out and was just feeling a bit better when there was a knock on my back door.

It was a friend of my husband. He had not heard of David's death until after the funeral and had been very grieved to have missed it during all the storms of last winter.

I apologised for the chilly house . He swung into action immediately...found the problem, sorted it and went away grinning...he had worked for David in London many years ago and was as good a fixer as my husband had been so my prayer for a better fixer was answered in a most unexpected way!

I now have hot radiators again and am luxuriating in the knowledge that it will come on again tomorrow.

He turned as he went out, still smiling from ear to ear as he spoke...

"So you see there is a God!"

He loved saying that to a lady of the cloth and I loved hearing it. Maybe he's right!



  1. Wonderful Jean. I'm so pleased for you. It really was about time help arrived, and in the form of a friend too. The very best kind of help.
    It's good to know you are warm at last.
    B lessingsX

    1. Thank you Ray.....I must admit that I was getting very low mentally......the frustration of not knowing what to do next!
      Much better today!

  2. If this wan't a miracle, it's the next best thing to one.

    Warmth and heat can be essential to our well being.

    1. What was amazing was that the fault had not been found by several different heating engineers because it was electrical.
      So the right person turning up unexpectedly came at it from a different angle... This makes it a small miracle in my book!